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The Week’s Best Hiring News: Week of July 12, 2010

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This week has been handily book-ended by stories about the financial industry. First, Sunday’s New York Times pointed out something that regular readers of this blog post will already have known–that Wall Street is hiring in anticipation of a recovery. Never mind that the Atlantic followed up by asking whether we should even care (or that a blog closer to home asked if we should be happy about it), the fact is that the finance industry appears to be approaching something like a rude state of health. Which means it’ll likely withstand any of the challenges posed by the newly-passed financial regulation bill. Add in the fact that the oil leak in the Gulf seems to have been stopped, and it’s easy to head into the weekend feeling optimistic. But what of the rest of the economy—and hiring in particular. While we’re not going to attempt to draw any wider lessons from the following collection of openings we’ve noticed over the course of the week, we will suggest one thing: there are openings. And that’s a good thing.

  • Deloitte is clearly reaping the benefits of its acquisition of BearingPoint’s federal practice in December 2009. The The consulting firm is hiring thousands. Interested in learning more? Read Vault’s profile of Deloitte.
  • Is this reverse outsourcing? GE Aviation Systems is hiring 200 people to fulfill a contract with China.
  • Advertising firm Yodle is hiring 80 in Boston. Among the positions: “account representatives, client service managers, marketing specialists and others.”
  • Is Apple about to find itself with a competitor for its iTunes store? Amazon is on a hiring spree for its MP3 store–something the folks at TechCrunch have interpreted as a sign of an impending “major relaunch.” Number of openings: “over a dozen” in both engineering and business positions. Read Vault’s Amazon profile.
  • Rockville, MD-based InfoZen is hiring 30 cyber security positions “as the military kicks up its war on cyber terrorism. The positions are based in Annapolis Junction, MD.
  • Speaking of which…Microsoft will likely have a Software Design Engineer opening coming up soon, as one of its current employees was recently outed as a Russian spy.
  • Wind power specialists Vestas are hiring 1,000 in Colorado. Actually, they’re hiring more than 1,000. How many more, we’re not sure.
  • The Financial Times picked up on the bank hiring story, and reports that many are hiring for their mortgage securities desks. The principal job of someone on a mortgage securities desk? Selling and trading mortgage backed securities. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Want to be on the board of a major life insurance firm? Remotely qualified for the job? Prudential wants to hear from you. Probably.
  • Finally, Pennsylvania is apparently on the brink of a “golden era.” The reason? Energy companies are hiring in the state as they go after natural gas trapped in shale fields in the region.

  • To get the latest on employment news as it happens—or to submit a tip—check out Vault’s Employment Tracker.


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