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Government Jobs: Where They Are, and How You Can Get One

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At Vault, we’ve been focusing a little on Government careers over the last couple of days, and have come up with a few top lists to help guide anyone who might be thinking of applying for a federal position. The catalyst for all of this, of course, is the recent initiative to drive down hiring times, requested by President Obama and likely coming into effect by November. The result of that change will be to cut the average duration of the government hiring process from around 140 days to 80–a positive development that should cause some job seekers to reconsider working for the government. A chief component of the time-saving initiative, meanwhile, is the scrapping of the KSA essay-style assessment tool with every application, to be replaced with something that more closely resembles a standard resume and cover letter.

All of which leaves us here at Vault somewhat upbeat as regards government hiring, and also keen to answer some key questions–which we did with the help of As for the specific questions we were asking–those should be obvious from the lists we’ve produced:

The Top 10 Locations for Government Hiring in 2010

The Top 10 Occupations the Government is Hiring

The Top 10 Government Agencies Hiring Right Now

If you are interested in finding a government career, each of the lists makes useful reading. Be sure to also check out for specific openings and opportunities. And you may also appreciate the Vault’s Guide to Government Agency Careers


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