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Career Strategy: How to Keep Up with Change

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This pyramid, where you used to be on top has turned upside down. You have a choice: you can play in that game or you can not play in that game. But the game is happening.“—Andreas Weigend, speaking on the intersection between technology and marketing, and how the paradigm of learning within companies has shifted.

Specifically–as you’ll see if you watch the full video–Weigend is addressing the need for older employees to keep in touch with younger colleagues in order to learn about the emerging technologies they use. The idea, of course, is that the older employees can create value by leveraging those technologies in conjunction their own experience.

In case you’re wondering who this Andreas Weigend chap is, he’s a former Chief Scientist at, and a current leading academic in the field of marketing. He is addressing the upcoming World Innovation Forum–which Vault will be covering–on the following issues:

  • Marketing in the web 2.0: Beyond cutting costs and optimizing business processes
  • What are the implications for new business models products and services?
  • A world of abundance: Making the most of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Social networks and the new uses of data: The power of social recommendations and behavioral targeting
  • Lessons from the inside: What we can learn from Amazon

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