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Government Hiring Set to Pick Up Pace

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In 2009, it was revealed that the government was planning to hire around 270,000 new employees by fall of 2012. As anyone who’s attempted to apply for a government job might know, however, the process for landing one of those positions is looooong—due in part to inefficiencies and bureaucracy.

It seems that we could soon be saying goodbye to all of that, however. The Washington Post reports that President Obama has instructed federal agencies to streamline their hiring processes—a move that “is expected to cut in half the time it takes to fill the vacancies and allow the government to better compete with the private sector for top talent.”

Under Obama’s plan, says the post, the aim is to “cut hiring time to about 80 days from the date a vacancy is announced to the point a candidate is hired.” While that may sound like a lengthy recruitment process, consider that at present a routine hire can take up to 140 days (or almost 5 months), while others have been known to drag on for as long as 200 days (almost 7 months). Getting down to an average of 80 days, then, may well make a significant difference—especially for those who may be weighing whether to take a private sector position instead of waiting to hear back from the government.

As a reminder, here are some of the areas where the government projected most hires by 2012, as reported by

  • Medical and Public Health: 54,114 projected hires
  • Security and Protection: 52,077 projected hires
  • Compliance and Enforcement: 31,276 projected hires
  • Legal: 23,596 projected hires
  • Administration/Program Management: 17,287

–Posted by Phil Stott,


Written by Phil Stott

May 11, 2010 at 12:54 pm

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