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The Week’s Best Hiring News

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While the past seven days can’t quite live up to the torrent of good hiring news we saw last week, there were still a few companies—across a broad spectrum of industries—announcing plans to increase their head count. And that’s always a good thing. Without further ado, then, here’s the roundup:

  • The U.S. Army Tacom Life Cycle Management Command “could hire 700 more people in Southeast Michigan by next summer, when it wraps up $120 million in new building construction to accommodate personnel moves.”
  • There are jobs galore at green tech startups. And not just green jobs: these firms are seeking everything from accountants to project managers.
  • Continuing on the startup theme, startups in general are hiring, and poised for some serious growth in the coming months and years.
  • Remember that tax credit for hiring that we heard so much about a couple months back? Apparently it’s working–in Chicago at least. In San Francisco? Not so much.
  • There’s all kinds of hiring news in the tech field. First up, the best news of the lot: the tech sector is definitely hiring–at least in San Diego. And the rest of Silicon Valley, for that matter. There’s good news for tech types in New York as well: state agencies are looking to hire up to 500 tech consultants away from their firms and into full time positions. Which isn’t such good news for the consulting companies, we suppose, but then neither are quotes like this one:”One worker said their current status was close to exploitation. ‘They are like our pimps, and we are like technical whores,’ said one of several contract employees from India who has worked for consulting companies such as CMA Consulting at DOH. ‘They need us and we need them.'” Ouch.
  • The Cargill Foundation is hiring up to 75 staff members in Eden Prairie, Minn.
  • Goldman Sachs may well have hired President Obama’s former counsel, but it’s far from being the only financial institution looking to add to its head count this week. Credit Suisse is adding staff, as is HSBC, with the latter seeking to add 300 positions in Hong Kong.
  • Netflix’s founder is planning some “significant hiring” for his latest DreamBox project.
  • Atlas Energy announced plans to hire 500 people in Moon Township, PA. Spread over the next five years, the positions include “construction jobs as well as geophysicists and water chemists.”
  • And, just to prove that not all hiring news is good news: Southwest Airlines has no plans to hire anyone in 2010. The reason: high jet fuel prices, apparently.

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