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Is Your City on Forbes’ Most Miserable List?

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Forbes this week published the list that no-one wants to see their hometown on: the list of America’s Most Miserable Cities. Forbes‘ “Misery Measure” considers nine main variables: unemployment, sales and income taxes, commute times, violent crime, weather, superfund sites, and the performance of pro sports teams over the past two years. As residents of city No. 16 on the list—New York, NY—we here at Vault certainly understand many of those issues. (Side note: apart from commute times, we mostly blame the Knicks for the Big Apple’s performance—and we shudder to think where we’d rank this year if it wasn’t for the Yankees!)

Of course, we also understand the urge to defend your civic pride against slights from outsiders. And, when a newspaper columnist from the second-most miserable city in the country—Stockton, CA—writes that “[c]haracterizing a complex city by a mere nine metrics is like filling out only nine questions on the eHarmony questionnaire,” it’s difficult to disagree–and easy to sympathize.

Until, that is, you take a look at the “most popular” news items in the sidebar next to the article:

Ouch. Maybe those rankings are earned after all. Here are the top 20 in full:

1) Cleveland 2) Stockton, CA 3) Memphis 4) Detroit 5) Flint, MI. 6) Miami 7) St. Louis 8)Buffalo, NY 9) Canton, OH 10) Chicago 11) Modesto, CA 12) Akron, OH 13) Kansas City, MO 14) Rockford, IL 15) Toledo 16) New York City 17) Sacramento 18) Youngstown, PA 19) Gary, IN 20) Philadelphia.


Written by Phil Stott

February 19, 2010 at 3:25 pm

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